About Us

Thanks for coming by! If you’ve found yourself sucked into the marvelous game of trading crypto (or stocks, etc), you’ve come to the right place. The CryptoBac team have put together a treasure trove of game-changing products and services which have been used by many to level the playing field when seeking to become a profitable trader.

Our team was started by CryptoBac. A long-time crypto trader and enthusiast that rocks street cred in this space beyond most anyone you’ll come across.

During his work experience, CryptoBac was fortunate to gain firsthand exposure into the belly of the beast we know as cryptocurrency. Having the skillset demanded, and fortune of timing – CryptoBac worked for several of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world like Binance, OKex, Bybit. The ability to see behind the scenes of the very cornerstones of this industry provide more than just unhindered access and insight, it gave CryptoBac information people would do anytihng to get.

In addition to travelling the world and learning all about multiple cultures, CryptoBac was able to meet and network with the very minds that have created the space we now live in. Perhaps most valuable of all, CryptoBac was fortunate to get firsthand exposure to some of the most advanced trading techniques, indicators and trading bots. Yes, bots (the kind that actually do the trading FOR you). Algotrading bots, Automatic bots, and different indicators, channels, charts, were all collected, refined, studied and optimized to increase the overall trading win percentage significantly.

Our goal is to share this valuable information, techniques and tools with you to help you gain an edge in your every day trades.

During those years working behind the scenes, CryptoBac was forced out of his comfort zone and was forced to adapt or be left behind. In addition to the skills, insights and technologies he was given access to, his overall trading skills were honed and sharpened in a way that allowed him to consistently outperform the market. Well beyond traditional technical analysis (TA) our team was able to both find and create new indicators that are significantly more precise, especially for the volatile world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

With the sincere hope of helping as many people as possible to learn and profit from the Cryptobac’s skillsets and gifts they had received, offer everyone access into our free community. For those wanting to do more than just learn, we also offer a suite of signals-based services for those wanting to copy the trades of the pros, and varying indicators developed to assist more autonomous traders to get the very same benefits we use every day to win the vast majority of our trades.

The new focus for 2021 and next years of Crypto Trading Chart will be to improve and develop a better community and enviroment for global traders who want to share their contents and experiences with us.
Our website will become a better place for traders all around the world. Sharing knowledge, indicators, charts , bots and trading tools can help trading experience of everyone. Crypto trading chart main focus remains to create a space where every users could share their trading experience and connect one each other. Thank you everyone for attention and for your precious support,


The CryptoBac team